tHe BaR  

Heritage Meets Style

Every nook of The Jockey serves up a unique slice of the racetrack experience. Immerse yourself in melody and camaraderie at the Starting Gate. Savor a smoke from Jake's Cigar in the comfort of the Clubhouse lounge. Breathe in the open sky at The Paddock and enjoy a beverage at our Infield bar. For a touch of history, cozy up in the Stable with its impressive mural. But why choose one? Embark on the full circuit.
Fear not.
Our celebrated cocktails accompany you at every turn.

tHe STaRtIng gate


Welcome to The Starting Gate, the heart of our horse racing-themed nightlife. Boasting a spacious bar and plenty of seating, it's your go-to for live music, DJs, and watching big games on the big screen. Dive into our selection of crafted cocktails and diverse beers, and let the jukebox set your rhythm. It's not just a bar; it's where every night becomes a celebration of camaraderie, rhythm, and the spirit of the track.

tHe clUBHOUSse

Where Smoke Meets Sophistication.

The Clubhouse is an exclusive lounge nestled on our second floor. This refined retreat is the perfect spot for those who appreciate the finer things, like savoring a premium cigar from Jake's Cigars. In this elevated haven, unwind in style amidst comfortable seating and a relaxed ambiance. It's a space where conversation flows as smoothly as our top-shelf spirits, and every visit feels like a special occasion. 


Urban Oasis, Street-Side Serenity, FRESH AIR

The Paddock is our vibrant outdoor patio where the energy of the street meets the tranquility of an urban oasis. Situated on the first floor, the Paddock offers a casual, open-air space perfect for sipping, socializing, and soaking in the lively street views. It's your ideal spot to enjoy our signature drinks under the open sky, whether you're starting the night or capping it off. The Paddock combines the best of both worlds.

tHe StaBle

Your Private Slice of Racing History.

The Stable is our hidden gem. This intimate, secluded space is adorned with a historic mural of the racetrack, offering a unique backdrop for meetings or small gatherings. The Stable is a sanctuary where history meets privacy, making it ideal for those seeking a more personal experience. It transforms into a perfect setting for privte meetings or small get togethers. The Stable welcomes individuals seeking a quiet, cozy corner to unwind, away from the bustling energy of the main areas. 

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The Jockey combines all that’s best about the great Irish tradition of hospitality with the finest cocktails service.
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